Why Sport?

Sport is an important learning environment for children. Studies have shown that children who play sports perform better at school, are less likely to use drugs and smoke, have less self-esteem issues and of course, there are the physical benefits.

Sports can help teach honesty, teamwork, fair play, respect for ourselves and for others. Sport can demonstrate the importance of hard work and determination. Through participation in sport young people learn the value of discipline, dedication to a goal, the quest for excellence, risk, and growth.

Investing in the team

The team is training toward the CONCACAF Boys U15 Championship – an important milestone for these talented boys who will go on to become future U -17 and U-21 players, with the next step being the U-17 World Cup qualifiers. The CONCACAF tournament is a stepping stone for the players and will assist in developing not only their technical skills but the valuable lessons they will gain in leadership, team work and confidence. By supporting the team you are not only helping these young men achieve their immediate football goals, but also assisting in setting them on a strong path for leadership in adulthood.