The Cayman Islands U-15 national football team has started a community campaign to raise money to assist in the development and training of the team in the months leading up to the CONCACAF Boys U-15 Championship in August, organizers said in a press release.

The team’s coaches have a number of training opportunities they would like to take advantage of to prepare the footballers for the CONCACAF tournament, including attending the Celtic Football Club ID Camp at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, in June; running weekend training camps in Grand Cayman; and bringing speciality international coaches to the island, the press release states.

Bruce Sigsworth, the team’s head coach, said the Celtic Football Club ID Camp in Bradenton is hosted at the same place as the August CONCACAF tournament, so attending would allow the boys and coaches to familiarize themselves with the location.

“Access to camps such as this is invaluable for our players,” he said. “If we are to succeed at an international level, we really need access to the best training and development in the lead-up to the CONCACAF tournament. The Cayman Island Football Association’s recent challenges have led to a significant funding shortage, which is why we are asking the Cayman community to help support these young footballers,” coach Sigsworth said.

“The CONCACAF Boys U-15 Championship is a huge tournament, but it is about more than just this event. These are the young men that we hope to develop into U-17 national team players and beyond over the next few years, including U-17 World Cup qualifying games” Sigsworth said.

“This team is talented, motivated, dedicated and ready to take on new challenges. We really hope the Cayman Islands community gets behind our team and does what it can to raise funds to help these young athletes achieve their full potential through football.”

The team has put up a website to aid in its efforts, and will be conducting a number of fundraising initiatives, the press release states.

The Cayman Islands U-15 national football team has been training together for the past four years. Players train twice a week with the team as well as with their own clubs.

David Pitcairn, team striker, said he is looking forward to representing the Cayman Islands at the CONCACAF tournament.

“I have been playing football since I was 3 years old and I am extremely proud of representing the Cayman Islands in the game that I love and am passionate about,” he said.

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via Cayman Compass